3 Tips on How to Best List Your Property in Marbella

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The process of buying a property in Marbella can at times seem daunting. Reselling a property in Marbella is no different, especially if the market is, as we know it, quite competitive. Who should you list your property with? And what can you expect from an agent who lists your property? Choosing the right agent to sell your property on the Costa del Sol can make or break the deal. However, your efforts to present the property in an interesting way are as important as any marketing activities undertaken by your estate agent. There is only so much the agent can do and therefore, you should think of it as a joint effort.

Here are some factors to consider when listing your property.

Take Attractive and Appropriate Photos of Your Property

Most people looking for properties will spend a mere few seconds browsing through the internet looking at listed properties. And they won’t even look at all of them. What differentiates one property listing from another is how it is presented. The better the presentation the higher chances of getting people’s attention. At Nor Estates, we always ensure we take the best photos of your property. However, if you decide to do it yourself, we always advise that authentic and high-resolution photographs of both the interior and exterior be used for a website. When a buyer lives abroad they go by the saying: “seeing is believing” and attractive looking photographs are the best advertising tool. If you can provide a short walk-through video of your property it will also add value to your listing.


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Choose the Most Appealing Headline for Your Property in Marbella

Provide Property Specification and Property Verification

A good headline is as important as good photographs and it should be a short phrase or sentence outlining the most attractive features of the property. The most important thing is to make it interesting enough to catch people’s attention. At Nor Estates, we always do our best to create a headline that will get your property noticed.

When writing a property specification it is important to provide relevant information only. Certain factors such as build size, location, fixtures and fittings, a short description, nearby amenities and price are essential. However, it is important to avoid lengthy descriptions that would not add relevant information and concentrate on emphasising the most attractive features. At Nor Estates, we are highly experienced in how to market a property. We put a lot of energy and effort in creating the best property write-ups for our clients. Besides photos and a good write-up, it is also important to have the property checked by a reputable lawyer. This will give you peace of mind as any potential buyer will want to know if all the documentation is in order if there are any outstanding tax bills or debts, etc.

We can provide you with sound professional advice on how to best market your property. Our agent will work with you and guide you through the whole process of selling your home. We will list your property on our website and market it using different channels and tools to maximise exposure and lead generation. Nor Estates will handle all sale calls and viewings… All you have to do is call us and we will be delighted to help.