Marbella Montessori

Montessori, Spain

One of the very first concerns that families relocating to the Costa del Sol have is finding the education and schooling system for their children. Of course, Costa del Sol is well known for its international and multicultural communities (and schools), but finding the one that will provide both international curriculum and friendly, happy and stimulating environment for their children can sometimes seem like a challenge. In fact, finding a welcoming community that create a caring, secure and independent environment can be hard to find just almost everywhere in the world.

It goes without saying that if you come from abroad, you will quickly realise that the language barrier in Marbella will not be a problem at all. There are plenty of bilingual schools on the Costa del Sol that deliver a British-style education, and there are also those that follow their own Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish curricula.

In fact, Marbella has something more to offer; the Montessori ethic of teaching, which is widely spread across the world, has arrived in Marbella, too. The founder of Montessori education, Maria Montessori, was a first female Italian physician who approached education not as an educator or a philosopher, but as a scientist. She believed that children develop best when they use their own initiative and natural abilities rather than passively accepting information. Through exploration and abstraction students tend to excel in creativity and communication faster which in turn improves their self-confidence and independence.

Marbella Montessori provides the English National Curriculum to children age 3 to 12. The school is located in a beautiful villa that was belonged to the Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn and is set in the most stunning scenery with 6,000 sq m gardens containing mature trees, organic vegetable garden, woodland and a swimming pool.

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