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For most of us, buying a home is probably the single largest investment in our lives. And as with many other things that we don’t get to deal with every day, buying a property (especially when you are abroad) requires this extra help from real estate agents and lawyers who have years of experience and therefore can offer invaluable expertise.

When you look at the Costa del Sol seemingly hassle-free lifestyle, you could perhaps picture that buying a home should also be effortless and quick. And whilst it can be true and possible in some cases, in some others it can be a complicated process. Buying a property requires caution anywhere in the world and Marbella is no different.

Find Best Real Estate Agent on the Costa del Sol

When you make a decision of purchasing a home in Spain, you could either search for a property yourself and then contact every single agent who had listed the particular property, or instead, you could do your research and find this one real estate agent who you will feel that understands exactly what you are looking for. It, of course, helps the communication if the agent speaks your language. In fact, we always say that the combination of trust and ability to communicate in the same language is a great start in building a perfect “partnership”. At Nor Estates, we speak five languages: Norwegian, English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Find Best Lawyer on the Costa del Sol

Having a qualified solicitor that will represent you is not optional – it is crucial. Some agents on the Costa del Sol may offer you free legal advice as part of their service but the fact of the matter is that peace of mind comes at a price. When you are buying a property remotely and are only able to visit Marbella for a few days, establishing a good rapport with your chosen lawyer will help if you start the price negotiation. Most Costa del Sol lawyers will charge a fee of 1% of the property purchase price + VAT, but the percentage may change depending on the value of the property. Nor Estates have been dealing with some of the best lawyers on the Costa del Sol and we will be happy to put you in their hands once and when you decide to buy your dream home on the coast of Spain.