Luxury Villa with patio, Marbella


Listing your property on the Costa del Sol might be an overwhelming process as the competition amongst other property owners is undeniably high. One way to take the pressure off your shoulders and keep track on the selling process is through finding a real estate agent on the Costa del Sol who will help you list your property. In fact, you only need to put your house on the market and the real estate is the one who actually sells it. But finding the right agent is a critical decision as it makes the difference between getting a really good price and not selling your property at all.

At Nor Estates we understand that when selling home on the Costa del Sol, you want the greatest possible returns on your investment and find the most qualified buyer. You also want the process to be hassle free and within a reasonably short time frame. At Nor Estates we understand these proceedings inside out as we have plenty of experience, many closed deals and even more happy clients. We understand that selling your property means marketing it, showing it, negotiating and closing the deal in a short time frame. It also means having an in-depth knowledge of the property market and having a list of comparable homes that have sold in your neighbourhood. At Nor Estates we provide a well-rounded comparative market analysis that will show current listings and houses sold in the past months.

Listing your property with Nor Estates means we will take care of the viewings, marketing materials and most of all we will contact relevant buyers that we have on our books. The most important for Nor Estates is not only getting the best price for your property, but the “right price”. You might have an asking price in mind, which we will either support or tell you like it is. We believe that listing a property on the Costa del Sol can only be successful when done with a good knowledge and sound predictions of the market.