House Hunting

“I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not sure”… Why some home buyers miss out on the perfect home.

House hunting can be very much like dating. You are looking for the perfect one and are full of expectations. You have a checklist of must have, want to have and no go, and you are convinced you know exactly what you want and need. The problem is that perfect does not really exist. People who have been there and done it know that falling in love is not dependent upon you finding the perfect one but rather it is about finding the one you can imagine yourself sharing the rest of your life with.

The same can be said about finding a home. You can spend months searching for the perfect house in the hope that it will appear soon, but will it? Indecision can do more harm than good as you might be ruling out some really good opportunities whilst you wait for your dream house to appear. If your house hunting process is taking too long, it might be time to reflect on a few factors.

Are your expectations realistic?

You might find a house that meets almost all your requirements but you will always find things that you won’t like even in the most beautiful houses. The key is to be open-minded and flexible.

Do you need to be more willing to compromise?

A beautiful house in the middle of nowhere away from meddling neighbours can seem like a dream but let’s face it, it is not always practical.

Are you wasting too much time and do you really know what you want?

Although you should never feel pressured into making a decision, taking too long can also be counterproductive. Remember that whilst you are “taking your time” the market is changing and good opportunities don’t last forever. You don’t want to end up looking back and thinking “what if.”

At Nor Estates we can help you find the best house for you. We will guide you through the whole decision process from start to finish to help you find that ideal home, and make sure you don’t miss out on a great opportunity.